From the Asst. Headmistress

Children can be more resilient than adults and yet more delicate than a flower. An oft used simile is to compare a child with soft clay. Like clay, a child’s mind is impressionable, ready to be molded and full of untapped potential.
At SBOA, Nerul we leave no stone unturned to nurture the hidden talents of our pupils and help them realize their full potential. The teachers here are dedicated to foster young minds right from their stage of wide-eyed curious kids to well-educated hopeful youth. Thus, we transform students from young children of today to responsible citizens of tomorrow guided by right knowledge and values who in turn shall create an intelligent, just and compassionate society thereby fulfilling the vision of our school.
SBOA, Nerul has set for itself the higher goal to nurture thoughtful future leaders, pioneers and thinkers with sympathy and empathy. We at SBOA believe that every child is unique and deserves the best education. Thus, in order to provide a strong foundation to students, the school follows a teaching method that is aptly suited to provide well rounded education in an environment which is lively and interactive.
Our promise is to provide every child a stimulating education in a safe environment managed by a set of qualified and committed staff.

- Mrs. Madhuri Deshmukh